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About us

"UNIVERSAL DESIGN IMPEX" Ltd is on the Bulgarian market since 1994. Its main business activities are natural stone processing, production, delivery and placing of specific stone details. The company is a major marble and granite importer, supplying a wide range of natural stone materials, used for the production of:

  • Marble, limestone, travertine and mushel slabs

  • Granite, marble, limestone, travertine and mushel cut–to-size tiles

  • Specific interior and exterior details: steps, tables, sinks, cut-to-size tiles, bathroom, kitchen and bar countertops, fireplaces, internal and external window sills, facade clapboarding, flag-stones and others;

  • Any type of processed stones – polished, flamed, bush-hammered, sand-blasted.


“UNIVERSAL DESIGN IMPEX” Ltd has its own supply base equipped with the following machines:

  • a bridge cutter for cut-to-size tiles, an “Arena” and a “Zatoni”

  • a gang saw for marble and limestone “Alpe” for cutting of blocks into slabs (with 70 knives)

  • a polishing machine for marble and limestone: “Bachi Dino” (16 polishing heads) with capacity of 5000 sq.m. a month.

  • a bridge  cutter CNC Marcheti


  • The official entrance of the Ministry of Republic of Bulgaria

  • the “St. Nedelia” church

  • The government VIP entrance at Sofia airport

  • The “Scorpion shipping” Ltd office building and warehouse

  • The "Pop Bogomil" hotel

  • The “Bulstrad insurance and reinsurance” office

  • The Bulgarian church in Berlin

  • The  Chrch in the Lopushan  monastery

  • Residential and office buildings

  • Private houses

  • Others


“UNIVERSAL DESIGN IMPEX” Ltd is oriented towards the Bulgarian and the foreign markets, offering beautifully designed products of high quality as well as a variety of solutions satisfying the ever growing requirements of the customers.